This week Apple held its annual iPhone launch event and the press and most of social media have been looking at every single detail about the newly launched toys… an expected larger iPhone 6, an even larger iPhone 6 Plus with a name that reminds us of Microsoft, a new payment system for the rich called Apple Pay and a new iPhone accessory for the even richer called… wait for it… Apple Watch, which has some useful features and some gimmicks like sending doodles and taps to your ‘close’ friends.

While the Apple Watch has taken most of the initial attention, the event’s last minute announcement to release U2‘s latest album “Songs of Innocence” for free to all iTunes customers is increasingly raising attention. I as many, after the keynote’s announcement was curious about listening to the new album and headed to the iTunes app to “purchase” and download it, but was surprised by what I saw… The album doesn’t need to be purchased, but it simply appears automatically within your music library. While this might seem convenient for some U2 fans, most people have been surprised to find it in their music library, and as expected not everyone is happy.

The new album has been pushed to everyone, whether they want it or not. Not only that, but there is no way to permanently delete the album from your library. While I am a U2 fan (of their earlier albums), and I do want to listen to their new album, a users’ music library is something personal and you don’t want someone else messing with it. Some might argue U2 is not bad music but who is to decide? Why not push Britney Spears to everybody’s music library?

The free music apparently is only for a limited period, after which I guess it will disappear from users’ library and people who actually like it will have to pay for it. U2 has lost popularity over the years and regardless of the quality of the new album, this stunts are more likely to get disgruntled ex-fans rather than new ones.