Summer 2012 in London has been a great experience. The warmup started with the Jubilee celebrations and while I’m not very keen on having a monarchy, the atmosphere during the Jubilee was ecstatic.

This amazing atmosphere in the city continued with the Olympics, which against all odds went extremely smoothly, very well organised, and were an incredible experience. Definitely glad I was able to be a part of it.

I was only able to attend one sporting event unfortunately, which was Female Fencing, but this was incredible. The atmosphere alone in the arena made it worthwhile, plus the games were nerve wrecking :)

The Paraolympic games wre also quite impressive… its amazing how people can accomplish so great feats against all odds, and they are truly examples to follow.

In the middle of the games I was also able to enjoy some very sunny days in Tenerife, where we had a family reunion. Living all of us abroad in different places makes it difficult to meet at the same time, so this rare opportunity was definitely a welcomed one. It was a couple of weeks of relaxing, good food, and amazing company. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it more frequently!

And now, back to work, Olympics over and the summer is over, but I am looking forward for an amazing autumn in London… it has definitely had an amazing start!!