As usual, my intentions to write more often in this blog somehow are defeated by either a busy schedule or laziness, or more probably the fatal combination of both. Yet, it seems like only yesterday when I moved to London but it has now been almost 6 months… it’s incredible how fast time goes by, and I suppose having fun makes it go even quicker.

In a way, you could say that the honeymoon period is over… you start having a routine, learn how things work, and you start losing that feeling of amazement when everything is new. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it, but on the contrary… And it’s interesting how a change like this always brings new opportunities to start afresh… new place, new culture, new workspace, new friends… it is the best opportunity to reinvent yourself.

On top of everything, this is a very special year for the UK and specially London with so many celebrations going on, including obviously the Olympics, which turns out to be the cherry on the cake of experiencing life in London. The atmosphere is great, and let’s just hope the weather follows and improves as it has been a quite cold and wet summer so far.

I honestly have no idea how long I will stay in this part of the world, but I’m looking forward to calling this little island “home” for the foreseeable future.