After many years, I have finally been able to make a childhood wish come true: Live in London.

It is not only that I might find it difficult to stay in one place for too long or that I didn’t like where I was before (quite the contrary actually), but instead its something that I always felt I wanted to do. It might be an idealized dream from early days in school and I know life’s tougher than what childhood dreams want to make us believe, but still it is something that I wanted to try and taste. After all, the greatest failure is lack of trying.

It took some time to make the dream come true, but I have to say I feel very fortunate, not only because I managed to do it, but because in the meantime I also managed to find a job that is very aligned with what I was hoping for and promises to be a great and very rewarding experience.

Beginnings are tough… a new city means new friends, new job, ‘new’ language, new ways of doing things, and of not doing things. Still, I have to be very thankful for friends who without their support it would’ve been much more difficult, if not to say impossible. The last month it has been a bit busy with administrative tasks and with getting used to the new lifestyle, but I have finally managed to get my own apartment and things should start going a bit more fluidly from now on (still don’t have internet at home though!).

I cannot say how long I will stay around… life is complicated and full of twists, but one thing is for sure: I am planning to enjoy my time here!!