As you should know, India has the biggest movie production industry in the world, nicknamed Bollywood, which produces every year hundreds of movies where everybody dances and sings. So, what happens when you combine Bollywood with classic comic superheroes Superman and Spiderman Spidergirl? Yes, something dreadful and disturbing…
Through Juan’s ‘recommendation’ I reached this video of just that… a part of an Indian movie that shows Superman and ‘Spidergirl’ flying around, singing, dancing and of course saving the world from evil!
What I know of the movie is little (although I don’t really want to know more!)… according to Divya, it is around 40 years old and the insightful lyrics are:

“Tu Mera Superman, Main Teri Lady, Ho Gya Hain Apna Pyar Already”
(English translation: You are my Superman, I am your lady; I have fallen in love with you already)

Caution: might cause irreparable brain damage! :P