Well this was a long and interesting weekend…
After over a year and a half of living in Madrid in the same flat, I finally moved to a new place to call home. The old place left me lots of good (and bad) memories and friends which I hope will last for life, but after a while it was time to finally move on to a place of my own. Thinking about it, this is the second place where I’ve lived the longest, just after my ‘real’ home, and although it was originally a temporary place to stay, it ended up feeling as my home. And as any home it also had a ‘family’… sort of… through that time I lived with 11 people who came and went (except for Diego who’s still there ;) 2 belgians, 2 spaniards, 1 colombian, 1 peruvian, 1 norwegian, 2 italians, 1 portuguese and 1 french. And now, I move on to the unexpected! This gives me a great feeling of excitement but I guess also some responsibility hehe.

So last saturday I kinda started to pack…  as always, it is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in such a short time. Then I spent the whole evening at the obligatory stop: IKEA. I bought lots of things… from dishes to a chair. I am still thinking on buying a dining table, but we’ll see… space is kind of a problem. I went to IKEA with Alex and Virginia and as always I wanted to buy everything… and at the end it was a miracle I fitted in the car after all the stuff we bought! And well, to finish the day off we had Fabien’s birthday party! which was great. Relaxed but lots of fun… exactly what I needed.

Sunday was the main moving day. My paisano Alvaro was kind enought to offer me his help to move everything in his car to the new place. We had to do 2 trips, which I guess was not that bad. However, my bags were heavy as hell, and having to lift them up to the second floor without an elevator was a royal pain in the ass. Still it all went ok and I was off with an empty room behind and a flat full of suitcases and IKEA bags in front. Thankfully, in Spain you get a day off for moving, which was of great help cause I could spend all monday cleaning and arranging. Still, there are lots of things left to do, but it feels great to set up your own home, with everything as you like. I will post pictures of my flat, but later when its organized and tidy ;)

Ahh and yes, I have a new phone line at home, so anyone who wants to call me you can do so to my home phone (cheaper than mobile!). My number is +34 915 331 345.