Today marks exactly 100 days since I arrived back to Spain from Mexico. This reminds me of two things… first, that I need to go pick up my new NIE card ;) and second that time flies by extremely fast.

A lot has happenned in these 100 days… I started my new job at everis at which I also make today 3 months, meaning I am now officialy a permanent employee and no longer in “probation” period. Overall I have enjoyed a lot my new job and am still quite excited about it. It has had its ups and downs but it has been a very positive experience and helped me met lots new people…

I have also had the opportunity to have some unforgettable trips and obviously lets not forget about the parties ;) I now have a new home to which I will hopefully be moving to in a week, which excites me a lot since I will now be living on my own for the first time, with all the advantages and freedom that means, but also with all the responsabilities and hard work it requires. But I think its a good step forward… so we’ll see, i will keep you updated when I finally move.