It seems that before every great storm there is a moment of calmness, and it feels like were exactly there regarding the upcoming 3G iPhone… except for rumors that is, which are as active as if the WWDC was tomorrow.

With recent announcements by several telcos, it seems that we are gonna finally see an almost worldwide iPhone release. Vodafone has already made an announcement confirming it will offer the iPhone in 10 European countries, America Móvil will offer it accross all of Latin America, Italy will have 2 operators offering it, and in Spain it will be offered by Movistar although it seems that Orange is also pushing to have it. So with operators offering it all over the world, Apple must really be stocking supplies like crazy right now, because no matter how expensive, they will surely sell like hotcakes.

But then, that is not all… lets not forget that Apple is going to make it an “open” platform. So for a platform which already has lots of applications while being locked and requiring “hacking”, I am sure we are going to see hundreds and hundreds of new applications.

So what does this all mean? Well, develop a platform with millions of users, which fosters thousands of applications, and add media content availability (through iTunes) of not only music but tv shows, movies, podcasts, etc. and to top it off have Apple’s “fashionable” style… it sure sounds like good business ;)