Summer is about to arrive, and it couldn’t be a better time for some days off from work! So last weekend with thursday and friday off, we took off to Algarve, in Portugal!

The whole thing was sort of a last-minute plan… I was told by Alvaro of the plan to go, and friends invited friends and so on, and at the end, it was a huge group of 24 people, and it turned out to be a great trip!

We parted from Madrid on Wednesday afternoon… 3 cars left earlier and our plan was to leave at 6 but obviously some how everyone got delayed and we ended up leaving at 8pm. With 8-9 hours driving ahead it seemed like it was gonna be tough but thanks to the in-car company it turned out to be fun (although still tiring). In our car the official driver was Alvaro and co-pilot Mónica, and we reached the hotel at about 4:30am (I can’t remember if that was local time or Madrid-time).

From then on, the long weekend was sleeping, eating, playing footbal, partying and basically enjoying the beach! Half of the fellow travellers were brazilians, which meant playing football, dancing samba, drinking caipirinhas and basically party all day long! It is amazing how they really do live at a very different pace!

The beaches were very nice… the weather was quite good, although a bit cold, but we still managed to swim in the sea and all. So overall the trip was excellent (except for monkey’s cousin of course) and to top it off Real Madrid won the league when we reached Madrid! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to cibeles but next year I will ;)

Below are some pictures… hope you like them. Cheers!