Well, I think it was time for a change, so here it comes… hopefully for the better.

It has been a long time without really writing, and it comes to my mind the reason for this is (besides laziness) a fundamental change in my life… I am no longer ‘temporarily’ in Madrid, but it now has become a relatively permanent stay. Hence, I have decided to change the focus of my blog from a ‘postcard’ type of blog narrating events to a more personal one, where I will try to share what I think, my opinions, what I find interesting and yes, also what happens in my life.

For this, I believe it is important to try and write with a much higher frequency, but at the same time in a much more relaxed form. I don’t pretend to convert this into a twitter, but I may write very short posts from time to time. Also, I will try to alternate between english and spanish, depending on what is more appropriate for the corresponding post.

To emphasize the change in focus, I have also decided to change the look of my blog… of which some of you may have already noticed, but for the people using feeds please visit my blog and let me know what you think!