…and in a blink of the eyes, another month has passed. However a lot of stuff has happened, with several good news ;)

First of all, I can now say I have a job! I have accepted an offer to work at Everis, an IT consulting company, and I will be working in the Management Consulting area which really thrills me a lot. So this has several implications… first of all, that I will be staying in Madrid a bit longer ;), which is very good although I definitely miss México. For this, the company is going to help me do all the necessary paperwork for the work visa and all. This is very good, but unfortunately Spanish bureaucracy is amazing… and it is gonna take a few couple months to get all done and ready so I can start working. The bad side of the change, is that obviously I will miss quite a few friends from Nokia, with whom I’ve only been working a few months but feels like such a long time.

In other news, last week I had a couple days off from work and decided to go to Rome. It had been a long time since I wanted to visit the city, so I thought it was the perfect time to go. Also, this was my first trip completely on my own after a long long time, and although worried at the beginning, I had an absolutely great time. The city is amazing, with lots of things to see in every corner… from ancient Roman ruins to impressive monuments. The city has a bit for every kind of taste, and it is almost impossible not to like it, in spite of its dirtiness and crazy lifestyle.

I spent three full days walking around everywhere… it is really a small city, although by the end of each day I was dying. Of the places I highly recommend are Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Trastevere and of course Vatican City. The great surprise was Fontana di Trevi, of which I had seen pictures but it is much more amazing in real life. A letdown was Colosseo, which is nice and in a way amazing, but I imagined it much bigger, and there is not much left anyways :( Vatican City was impressive… it is a lot bigger than it seems… and I loved it. It almost makes you convert to catholicism! St. Peters Basilica is huge, beautiful and elegant… it reminds you of the amount of power the church once had. I went up to the top of the dome, and I also visited the tombs of the popes, including John Paul II… and it is breathtaking. I also went to the Vatican Museum, which I liked a lot, although it sometimes feels just like a art depot since it has rooms stuffed with figures that it seems they couldn’t find any place else where to put them. Still, very nice and highly recommendable… tops was the Maps room, simply amazing.

And well, I obviously ate lots of pizzas and lots of Gelatto chocolate fondante! jeje I went to a pizza place recommended to me by my boss called Pizza da Baffeto and it was absolutely amazing… typical Italian place, very small with every waiter shouting at each other :P and the pizza was fabulous. And I also took too many pictures… so for those interested you can check out the best ones in my Flickr account. So overall I had a great time, and I definitely feel I need to go back to Italy to visit so many other places… which I will hopefully do sometime soon!