Time goes by really fast, and when you turn around and look you realize how much has happened… how much you’ve changed, how much you’ve learned and how much you’ve had fun. Well, it turns out it has been already a year since I came to Spain and although I have a great time here I also miss many many things and people. Life outside home changes… a lot, and although you try to build a new home for yourself, it is not an easy task, specially living so far away. But you try and manage to do the best you can…

In a happier note, there is also another anniversary… my father has just celebrated his 30th year working at 3M, for which I want to congratulate him. My respect for him is only surpassed by my love to him (yeah, I know it sounds cheesy but its true). So congrats! and on top of that, he has appeared on the Mexican newspaper Reforma… so below you can read the article ;)

Articulo Reforma - 1a parte

Articulo Reforma - 2a parte