Well, a few weeks ago there was a contest at work in which the person that made the best pictures (with a Nokia phone obviously ;) ) would win tickets for the Eurobasket tournament here in Madrid. And yes, you guessed right, I did win tickets for 2 quarter-final games! My pictures were not that great, but considering not many people participated hehe, I won 7th place! With this, I won two tickets for the two games on thursday: Russia-France, Spain-Germany.


The first game, Russia-France, was not that good… but the two teams were very close to each other and the match was decided on the last few seconds, which made it quite interesting. Finally Russia won and is today playing the final ;) The second game, obviously Spain won… It was a great game, and at one point Spain had a lead of almost 40 points! Great plays and a great atmosphere!

(You can see the pictures in orginal size at my Flickr page: http://flickr.com/photos/jlecanda/ )

In other news… work at Nokia is going ok. This was a tough week with a lot of work, and as always some tasks are better than others but overall it is going good. Now, I am also taking charge of organizing Nokia’s participation at the Movilforum event of Telefonica. It is something completely new for me (which doesn’t drive me crazy), but I think I will learn a lot from it.

And finally, as you should know, today is Mexican Independence day!! Unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to celebrate it properly (although I did had a lot of fun), but instead I got (a bit) drunk with caipirihnas and surrounded by Spanish people saying stupid comments about Mexico… así que ¡Viva México Cabrones!