With the summer, Spain stops… literally! and Madrid suffers an amazing transformation from a lively city into a deserted one, taken by empty streets, closed shops and sunny evenings. Thankfully, I also had a break from work and got some proper vacations ;)

First of all, an important news is the new acquisition I made hehe. I bought myself my first reflex camera, a Nikon D40. It is an entry level camera but for my inexpertise it is more than enough, and it came in very good time to take pictures during the holidays, which you can check at my Flickr account.

DonostiaSo, having a break from Nokia, I had a week and a half of holidays starting in San Sebastián. I went with Alex and we stayed in San Sebastian as a base, travelling to nearby places from there. Overall I liked it a lot. I had only heard positive comments about the Vasque Country and they are all true. Great food, nice beaches, nice girls and overall a very nice city.

DonostiaWe visited cities along the coast nearby, both on the Spanish side as well as on the French side, and although all the beaches were more than full of tourists, I liked a lot more than one. On the French part we went to St. Jean de Luz, Biarritz and Bayonne, and on the Spanish side to Hondarribia (specially nice), Gentaria and Zumaia. On the way back, we stopped at Guernica and Bilbao. Guernica was a big disappointment, but Bilbao is very nice.

But we didn’t go back to Madrid… instead, we went to a rural house for the weekend with some friends of Virginia. The house was in the middle of nowhere, and we had a good time… definitely very relaxing, with great food and lots of fun. We spent the weekend with Virginia, Isabel, Elena (from Barcelona) and Javier.

library-11209.jpgWe returned to Madrid Sunday afternoon, and after a few hours, I left to the airport with Divya to start the next trip to Barcelona. Although a bit tired from not sleeping at all, we had a great time, doing the typical tour around the city. Although I had been to Barcelona before, I enjoyed a lot the trip… lots of fun teasing Divya ;) and enjoying the beach Barceloneta. I got a good tan from the whole week walking in the sun, and a big sun burn from lying in the beach :P

JengaAnd finally, the holidays are over and now back to Madrid and to work. Although holidays are never long enough, I really needed a break after the master, and this was a very welcomed one. Now back to empty Madrid in an empty flat! Looking forward for work, parties and job hunting! :P