Well, firstly my apologies for late updates but the last week was a bit chaotic…

To start, my first impressions working at Nokia… Well I started working on Monday so over a week now, and overall it has been very good. As expected, in the beginning it has been a lot of reading and getting up to date, and doing administrative stuff like getting a place, a computer, an email account, etc.

The first thing that shocked me was the office atmosphere… it is extremely relaxed, with a couple of couches and a coffee-kitchen area, bright colors, low cubicles and open spaces. It is the exact opposite of my previous job at QTC, which had blue-grayish colors and high cubicles. However, people seem to work more here and waste less time! I guess it is mainly because of the age difference, which obviously is higher here at Nokia. Still it is very friendly and supportive.

The second thing that shocked me were the noises, particularly phone bells. Instead of having the typical office where everybody has a desk phone and you hear the typical phone ring from once in a while, at Nokia (as expected) everybody has only a mobile phone. Therefore, you hear all the time the same SMS sound and the latest song as a ring tone ;) At the beginning I thought it was a bit annoying, but now I am getting used to it and I even think it is better since you can easily recognize who’s phone is ringing.

So overall, it looks pretty well… but hopefully with time I will get more integrated and the job will become more interesting.

Well, next… on Tuesday we had the master farewell party at the well-known Cielo de Pachá with the usual free open bar ;) The party was done together with the MFM, MMM and spanish MBA programs, although still few people attended. It was a lot of fun, although obviously my plans to leave early (I had to work on Wednesday!) didn’t work out quite as planned and I ended up getting home after 3am. Obviously I slept-over and woke up at 8:30am! So yeah, I was a bit late to my third day of work :S

To continue with an active week, on Wednesday I went to the Björk concert here close to my home at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. It was full of ‘alternative’ people and started very late, but when it finally did it was totally worth it. It was a great concert… what at the beginning seemed to be a simple concert ended up being a high-tech rave full of lasers! High-tech electronic multi-touch screens were used to produce sounds. It started with the song “Earth Intruders” from the latest album which also has a great video that is posted below. The second video is from the Coachella festival (the best version I could find) and it was simply awesome!

Finally Friday and Saturday where party time, so Sunday I was tired and sick. I am still sick but hopefully I’ll get better soon.So I guess that is enough for now… thanks for the ones who are brave enough to read it all ;)