Well, it has been a while now since I haven’t written any updates in the blog… sorry about that. But not to worry, the time has come for an update! ;)

The reason for a lack of updates has been the final days of the master, which imply exams, final projects and final presentations. Overall, this period had a lot of smaller courses which implied that at the end we had a lot of final projects to do :( As always, some courses were very good, others were ok and a couple that I would’ve preferred to skip, but overall a very enriching end to the master.

We ended classes last week with a full day of leadership, with the long awaited feedback session. It was a very interesting and useful session, at least for some of us, and definitely an unforgettable one. After the last class, we obviously had to celebrate, so we went for some drinks to Bò Finn. We drank, we chatted, we played pool, we poured drinks on each others heads, and we got kicked out of the bar. But thanks to Alvaro’s negotiating skills we managed to stay for a bit longer :P Now that I think about it, it had been a very long time since I was kicked out of a bar!

This week we had the final case presentation, which was based on a very recent Harvard case of Brightcove, a video publishing and distribution company. We had to deliver the written document (which I’m sure nobody read :P) on Monday and we had the presentation yesterday Wednesday at closed doors with three judges. Although with some questions, the presentation appeared to be more a sort of a procedure that had to be followed. So anyways, I did the presentation with Alex and we were the last ones to present. And then… party! Well, actually we went for food and drinks, and then for a typical Spanish siesta since we were all so tired. At night, fiesta again, starting with a nice exotic dinner thanks to Yan (who by the way was in the shower when I arrived… one hour late!). After the great dinner, we went to the bar of the week, at Fortuny. Not my favorite place, but we had a good time.

And now, well enough talking about parties… regarding my job search, I went this week to Everis to present the application exams. Overall I think I did good but keep your fingers crossed so they will call me ;) However, I am still looking for a job in other places. And yes, as some of you already know, I got an internship at Nokia! :D On Tuesday I got a call from them to start the internship as soon as possible… meaning today! Fortunately, I managed to change it for next Monday to at least have some rest. So yeah, next week when I start I will give you an update on how it goes… but I am already excited!

And well, to stop boring you, I have pasted below a couple of videos that were done by classmates for the final project of Digital Media Management. They are supposed to be to advertise the master… I don’t know how successful they are but at least you get to see with whom I’ve spent almost a year now!