Well this past week we had a couple of holidays and IE was kind enough to give us a full “puente” of five days!! And thankfully I had the chance to visit a new country: Belgium! Well, actually they were two, Belgium and the Netherlands. I stayed in Wavre with Marc, who was kind enough to stand me for a few days, and traveled around. The first day, we went to Brussels!



Marc & Max Marc with his very nice car at Waterloo ;)

AmterdamThe next visit was Amsterdam! We were very lucky and we went on “Queens’ day!” which meant that the whole city was partying! It was awesome, I really liked it but I guess I will have to go back someday to get to know the real every-day Amsterdam.

And the last stop was Brugges! I loved Brugges, really nice and definitely worth visiting. Nice sights, romantic canals, beautiful architecture and great atmosphere! (although too many tourists)


Last bag!And as some of you already know… after some digestive problems and a lack of taxis, I almost missed my flight! I am really thankful for those people that do the small details that mean so much.

For those of you brave enough, you can find all the pictures I took during the trip in the gallery… I hope you enjoy!

Picture Gallery