Today Apple Inc. has announced its financial results for the second quarter of the year, and the numbers are simply impressive. Apple has obtained revenues for $5.26 billion and net quarterly profit of $770 million. This is a very impressive 88% increase in profits from the same period in last year, but I think most importantly, Apple shipped 36% more Macintosh computers (1’517,000). This growth is more than three times the industry growth, and this is not the first time Apple has managed to keep a growing when the rest of the companies in the industry are struggling to maintain their sales.

AppleI know it is also important to consider that probably sales last year during this period were not the strongest due to people waiting for the new Intel-macs, but still the company has managed once more to go through a complicated transition rather smoothly, and slowly but steadily Mac is beginning to gain market share. Not as surprisingly, the sales of iPods increased 24% with 10.5 million iPods sold. However, this was despite the criticism about lack of updates and competition catching up.

Now with the iPhone coming soon (to the US at least) and a new operating system, there seems to be a bright future for Apple. Still, it sure is risky, and the success of the iPhone is not very clear yet as is the sustainability of the iPods’ popularity.

Can Apple maintain its success? Will the iPhone be the next killer device? What do you think?